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Team Tech 2016 A Project of Student Support & Success

University of the Pacific's Team Tech is a nationally-ranked group who creates product prototypes over a ten-month period then presents those projects at the upcoming Society of Women Engineers in Philadelphia.

In 2015, our very own Team Tech worked with Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla in Mexico, and Tierra Luna Engineering to create a small satellite, nicknamed a "CubeSat." This CubeSat is now used to monitor volcanic activity in Mexico, and scientists can now alert local communities of potential dangerous volcanic activity—something that did not exist before Team Tech's combined efforts.

This year, Team Tech is designing a solar dehydrator to combat poverty for families in Nicaragua. Currently, 76% of the population in Nicaragua lives on less than $2 a day—this is something we hope that our dehydrator will improve. Dried fruit has a much longer shelf-life than fresh fruit, supplying families with food with reduced risk of spoilage. Dried fruit is also a true cash crop – a Nicaraguan family with a solar dehydrator, not only can provide food for their family, but can turn their crop into additional income.

Your support will allow us to build a series of prototypes to test with an estimated initial cost of $1,200. You will help cover the cost of materials needed to build the prototypes. After completion of the design, we will be traveling as a team to the Women Engineers National Conference 2016, in Philadelphia from October 26-30, to present our project.

Please help us take advantage of this opportunity for the team to present their hard work, network with fellow engineers, and job search at the career fair. Your generous support will help us as we network with people from all over the world while representing University of the Pacific at the world's largest engineering conference.

For assistance with making a gift, please contact:

Sally Cebreros, Executive Director, Annual Giving Cell: 209.639.3268


Cindy Corrello Hilke, Assistant Director, Annual Giving Operations - Cell: 209.689.8704

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